Free Cheese!


I have never heard of “cheese season,” but apparently, we are in it! To celebrate my new favorite season, the Pecorino Romano Festival will be kicking off tomorrow and continuing through next week.

Taste This TV’s Chef Joseph Ciminera and other New York chefs will be offering free cheesy pasta (presumably made with Pecorino Romano) at events at restaurants around town. Free. Cheesy pasta.

The free cheesy pasta schedule, after the jump.

Friday, April 25th 10:00am Remi Lounge (145 West 53rd St.)
1:00pm UVA (1486 2nd Ave.)
2:00pm Grotto (100 Forsyth St.)

Saturday, April 26th 10:00am Bistro Milano (1350 Avenue of the Americas at 55th St ).
1:00pm Grifone (244 East 46th St.)
2:00pm Il Nido (251 East 53rd St.)
4:00pm Cabana Restaurant (1034 West Beech St.)

Sunday, April 27th 10:00am Abboccato (136 West 55th St.)
1:00pm Aleo (7 West 20th St.)
5:00pm Café Toscano (746 North Broadway)

Monday, April 28th
11:00am Da Filippo (1315 Second Ave. near 69th St.)
12:00pm Lunetta (920 Broadway)
1:00pm Gino (780 Lexington Ave at 61st St.)
2:30pm ESPN Zone (1472 Broadway)

Tuesday, April 29th 11:00am Garage (99 7th Ave. South)
1:00pm Cibo (767 Second Ave. at 41st St.)
2:00pm Da Silvano (260 6th Ave. near Bleecker St.)
3:00pm Elio’s (1621 Second Ave. near 84th St.)

Wednesday, April 30th 10:00am ROC (190A Duane St.)
1:00pm One If by Land, Two if by Sea (17 Barrow St.)
1:00pm In Vino (215 E. 4th St. nr. Ave. B)
4:00pm Intermezzo (202 Eighth Ave. nr. 20th St.)
4:00pm Baci & Abbracci (204 Grand Street)

Thursday, May 1st 10:00am Macelleria (48 Gansevoort St.)
1:00pm Islero (247 E 50th St. Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave)