Harlem Residents to Proclaim Rezoning ‘Ain’t Over’ on Saturday


“IT AIN’T OVER!” exclaims a flier by Voices of the Everyday People, a main opponent of the city’s plan to rezone 125th Street.

The group announced today that it would file a lawsuit against the city to stop the rezoning from moving forward, even after the city agreed to make significant revisions to the plan.

That compromise was reached April 15th when City Councilor Inez Dickens, who represents a large swath of Harlem, negotiated a community-benefits agreement that lowered maximum building heights from 29 to 19 stories and increased the affordable housing requirement.

Despite the deal, many still fear that the historic population of African-American residents and small business owners would be priced out of the neighborhood.

At an event scheduled for 2 p.m. Saturday, VOTE People promises to expose “the truth about Dickens ‘compromise’ and why we’re going to court.” They will meet at 201 Malcolm X Boulevard.