For those of you who’ve dared to take the journey, filmmaker Harmony Korine has ushered you into the world of drug-taking and love-making Manhattan teens with his script for director Larry Clark’s cult classic, Kids, as well as an impoverished small town with inexplicable scenes of cat drowning and bacon taped on bathroom walls in his own Gummo, and the life of a young, untamed schizophrenic who’s trying to cope with the real world in Julien Donkey-Boy. So if his past work struck your fancy, then check out Korine’s appearance at the Apple store in Soho tonight, where he’ll talk about his latest flick, Mister Lonely, a fantasy-filled tale about a Michael Jackson impersonator who meets and falls in love with a Marilyn Monroe look-alike. The two then travel to a Scottish utopian commune populated by other celebrity doppelgängers like Madonna, Abe Lincoln, and Shirley Temple. And that’s pretty much all we’re gonna say

Thu., May 1, 8 p.m., 2008