George C. Scott Wins an Obie


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June 4, 1958, Vol. III, No. 32

from Obies 1958 coverage…

By Jerry Tallmer

He looks like a Marine, he walks like a Marine, he talks like a Marine, biting off his words sardonically, glancing at you coolly down his long nose; and once indeed he was a Marine, for four years — “burying people in Arlington Cemetery” — but now he’s an actor and a damn fine one. The transition came at he University of Missouri School of Journalism, after he got out of the service in 1949. What happened to the journalism?

“I got disenchanted, bored, and backed into acting. That wasn’t journalism’s fault” — the glance flicked with quick detached courtesy at the scribbler across the table—”but mine. I did six shows at the university and then went into the Stevens Playhouse, Columbia, Missouri, where, since they paid me, I guess I became a professional.”

George C. Scott, this year’s Best Actor in the Village Voice “Obies,” sat there in his sports shirt and G.I. suntans, a two-weeks’ growth of beard blackening his jaw, and watched his 1-year-old son Matthew crumble crackers into his father’s beer. “Beanie,” he said, making a fist—a very square one—”you’re going to get a knuckle sandwich.” The kid cooed up at him and desisted…

Village Voice Off-Broadway Awards
Season 1957-1958

Best Actress: Anne Meacham (Garden District)

Best Actor: George C. Scott (Richard III, As You Like It, Children of Darkness)

Best Director: Stuart Vaughan (New York Shakespeare Festival)

Best Play (Foreign): Endgame by Samuel Beckett

Best Play (Adaptation): The Brothers Karamazov by Boris Tumarin and Jack Sydow

Best One-Act Play: Guests of the Nation by Neil McKenzie

Best Revival: The Crucible by Arthur Miller, directed by Word Baker

Best Comedy: Comic Strip by George Panetta

Distinguished Performances (Actors): Leonardo Cimino (The Brothers Karamazov), Michael Higgins (The Crucible), Jack Cannon (New York Shakespeare Festival, Children of Darkness), Robert Geiringer (New York Shakespeare Festival, Guests of the Nation)

Distinguished Performances (Actresses): Tammy Grimes (Clerambard), Grania O’Malley (Guests of the Nation), Nydia Westman (Endgame)

Special Citations: The Phoenix Theatre, The Theatre Club, Lucille Lortel
Judges: Joseph Anthony, George Freedley, Jerry Tallmer

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