Justice for Alistair Cooke, and the ‘Smiley Face Gang’


Really, we thought that the conviction of Chris Aldorasi would get more play in the tabloids, as he was a part of what the Post dubs an “anatomical chop-shop.” Aldorasi was a member of the body-parts harvesting ring that got broken up a few years back. He faces 60 years in prison on charges of enterprise corruption, grand larceny and reckless endangerment. The former mortuary assistant harvested the tissue and organs of corpses without proper consed and sold them to unsuspecting medical companies. The Post mentions the conviction back on page 24, and the News places it on page 11, giving it a little more space and including the angle that Masterpiece Theater host Alistair Cooke was one of the victims.

Another spooky case is that of what the Post dubs the “Smiley Face Gang,” which, according to the News is a “nationwide network of killers who target promising young college students.” Two former NYPD cops say that a piece of graffiti featuring a smiley face and the phrase “The evil, happy, smiley man” has appeared at drowning scenes around the country. The victims have been 19-to-23-year-old white males who demonstrated achievements in both academics and sports. The News puts the number of smiley faces at “at least 12,” while the Post says there are 22. The News also cites “FBI officials” who say that they believe the deaths are not related or the work of a serial killer.

So what is the “grin reaper mystery”? A few ex-cops out for some glory as serial-killer stalkers? Or just an unfortunate coincidence? All we know is that shows like Law & Order and Criminal Minds are probably taking notes.