Two Birds, One Post: Mindy McCready and Miley Cyrus


The hand-wringing continues as the Miley Cyrus photo controversy just will not die. Today the Daily News devotes a news story and the “Now” cover to the photo incident, while the Post continues its news coverage of the controversy.

Today’s developments include how “Billy Ray Cyrus suffered an achy breaky heart when he saw the seminude shots of his superstar daughter, Miley—aka Hannah Montana—that were taken after he left the Vanity Fair shoot” (nice pun, Post) and how parents are talking to their kids about this very important issue. The News also points out that it just might the photos of Cyrus and her dad that are “creepier.” They show Miley leaning back against Billy Ray in a somewhat suggestive manner.

Meanwhile, another teenager who went down the path of destruction is Mindy McCready. The country singer tells the Daily News that she did in fact have an affair with Roger Clemens, but insists that it did not happen when she first met him at 15. (Fifteen? Hey, that’s the same age as Miley Cyrus!) The Post talks to McCready’s father Tim, who provides further details on the relationship between the pitcher and the singer. These include that McCready and Clemens would only see each other for about three months out of the year, because, according to Tim McCready, “For Roger, once spring training comes around and the season starts, he is dedicated to baseball.”

These two stories have similar narratives. Both start with girls who perform at a young age, who make questionable decisions. Perhaps McCready’s life of addiction and other issues could serve as a cautionary tale for Miley Cyrus. One certainty, however, is that both women are being portrayed as “Daddy’s girls” in the media, and that brings about a whole other bunch of emotional and rhetorical baggage.