The Best Exclusive of the Day: The Return of the Flash


Sure, we have an exclusive in the Post about the Department of Youth and the city council slush fund scandal. According to the paper, the records of 100 nonprofit agencies that received funding through the council’s grants are under investigation. The paper also reports that the Department of Investigation is looking at the records of six council members’ discretionary spending. Of course this gives the Post the opportunity to run that godawful closed-eye photo of Christine Quinn again. It’s the new Hillary Clinton bitchface!

But it’s the Daily News‘s exclusive for today takes the cake. You have to love a paper that touts its exclusive scoop on…comic books.

The News reports that DC Comics is bringing back The Flash, a superhero character killed 23 years ago. Ethan Sacks provides all the background you need to know on Barry Allen, the fastest man alive (or is it dead?) The last time The Flash died, he disintegrated while saving the universe.

This is a great story because even if you have no clue about comics (i.e., your humble writer), it’s interesting. Sacks informs us of the character’s history from a narrative and economic standpoint. The Flash helped revive the superhero comic back in 1956 when it became a surprise hit. At that time, “Westerns and war comics were all the rage.”

This “exclusive” may seem a bit silly, but it gives you more fodder for yapping around the water cooler. You know the guy in the next cube over has already dispensed with the Paula Abdul American Idol judging gaffe from last night.