Attention Guinness: I’m Setting Bar-Hopping Records!


The current issue of HX magazine mentions me and my obsessive immersion in the world of nocturnal delight! According to the “Homo Dish” column, “We hit up Pieces Thursday night, where we ran into gal pals Michael Musto and Chuck Attix, who we’d just kiki-ed with at ‘cuda the night before. They told us they’d been trying to beat their personal record of nine bars in one night, and Pieces had put them over the top with 10. Congrats, you crazy drunks! Chuck later slurred that their real dream was to hit 20, and that they were determined to do so this summer. Don’t judge. At least they have a hobby.”

Well, I simply adore this writeup, but let me make a tiny clarification: While I am indeed crazy, if I’m drunk, it’s only from the caffeine in Diet Coke!

Also, “At least they have a hobby”? Honey, it’s my job!!!

And as for a full update: We actually hit 12 bars and clubs that night! We graced Mansion, the Eagle, Hudson Bar & Books, Chi-Chiz, Gym Bar, G Lounge, XES, Barracuda, Splash, Pieces, Marie’s Crisis, and Pop Rocks. If I was on anything other than soda, would I be able to remember all that? Now on to lucky 13!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 3, 2008

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