Exclusives Roundup: John Gotti, Atlantic Yards and Dog Poo


Apparently our intrepid tabloid reporters were hard at work over the weekend putting together exclusive scoops for our Monday morning commute. Some are serious (the fate of Atlantic Yards), while others are fluffy (OMG, the first review of the Sex and the City movie!). Here’s a quick roundup:

For those still lamenting the cancellation of some popular HBO series: The Daily News gives us what it says is the first review of the Sex and the City movie, because it’s incredibly useful to have a movie review of something that doesn’t come out for another three weeks. This is one of those films with a built-in audience, so it’s not like reading about the movie is going to sway viewers one way or another to heading to the theater. The more interesting SATC-related story is from New York magazine. The News pulls some quotes from the mag’s interview with Sarah Jessica Parker, including one in which the actress admits that her series shoulders some of the blame for New York losing some of its “grit.”

If you’re in Sopranos withdrawal instead, read the Post‘s page-one exclusive on the Gotti clan’s infighting over some stashed money that may or may not exist. The paper got its hands on some of the secret recordings made by John Gotti’s so-called “adopted son” Lewis Kasman, who was a rat for the feds. The tapes feature squabbles among the Gottis about a stash of cash that the Dapper Don reportedly had, but supposedly disappeared after Gotti’s death in 2002. Some think the money doesn’t even exist. The convoluted story is worth it to read fabulous exchanges such as:

“Do you realize how f—ed up our family is?” –John Gotti’s “adopted son” Lewis Kasman

“Now you’re realizing? It’s been like that forever.” –John Gotti’s daughter, Victoria.

Brooklyn dreams dashed? The Daily News has an exclusive photo of the revamped “Miss Brooklyn” building, the crown jewel of Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project. The skyscraper, designed by Frank Gehry, has been redesigned and is 100 feet shorter than originally planned. Instead of having commercial and residential space, the building now known as “B1” will be strictly a commercial space. The Post has some renderings of what the controversial project might look like if these delays continue. The prospect is grim indeed, with too much parking and not enough buildings.

Dog days of summer If you’re a dog owner, in the city, you better pick up after your pooch. The News has an exclusive on how the Department of Sanitation has more than doubled the amount of tickets handed out for not curbing your dog. Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty explains how culprits get nabbed, complete with way too much description:

“It’s difficult to catch them, especially when it’s dark. It’s not until you get close and see a steaming pile that you know, ‘I’ve got this guy.'”

And with that, enjoy your morning coffee!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 5, 2008


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