New Zealanders Think We’re Crazy


The other day, a man with the most amazing accent called me up. After I got over the loveliness of the phrase “good on you,” which I think translates as “thank you,” I discovered that I was speaking to Simon Morton, host of This Way Up on Radio New Zealand, and that he wanted me to speak on his show about New York’s calorie listing law.

Turns out, New Zealanders are both incredulous and fascinated about our nanny state leanings—first they came for the smokers, then the transfats, and now you can’t even enjoy a rainbow cookie at Starbucks without realizing you’re about to get really, really fat.

I did the interview last Wednesday, the day after the law actually went into effect (on Tuesday, the stay requested by the Restaurant Association was denied). But restaurants who don’t post the calories won’t be fined until July, so many are not complying yet.

You can hear the interview (and Simon’s accent) here.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 5, 2008


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