Sex and the City Movie Non-Plot Twist Revealed!


I doubt I’ll get crucified by publicists for this because it’s sort of a non-spoiler about something that DOESN’T happen. But remember all that gossip buzz about how in the Sex and the City movie a major character rolls over and dies (but in designer clothes, of course)? That sent everyone into obsessive gum flapping about how surely it was Samantha who’d croak, especially since Kim Cattrall supposedly held up the whole project (though others were certain it was Mr. Big who’d become Mr. Bye Bye). Well, people who’ve seen the movie reveal who the corpse really is—NO ONE! You heard me, no one dies! Thank God! Black shrouds wouldn’t really go with Carrie’s collection of pastel-colored handbags.

Update: Since I wrote the preceding item, I found this has been reported elsewhere, but heck, non-information THIS unimportant certainly bears repeating.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 6, 2008

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