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Anyone else getting a little queasy over the way Hillary‘s reinvented herself as an advocate for the everyday working Joe who’s having trouble filling that grocery bag and gas tank with what’s left of the week’s pay? As if this isn’t just a pose designed to get her into the White House (either now or in four years) so she can rub noses with all the bigwigs and payback receivers she’s longing to get in bed with! And besides, if America is the land of opportunity and hope, as Hill keeps saying, why are those who’ve benefited from that and actually achieved their goals–i.e. successful people–portrayed by her as negligible or sometimes plain evil beings who need to be milked or brought down? Because they don’t constitue that many popular votes?…On a lighter note, who in the hideous McGreevey battle are we supposed to root for? He, who seized on wifey as a beard to further his political cause, banging her occasionally to either procreate or to get closer to the man in the three-way? Or she, who aligned herself to a rising star to live a pampered life in the spotlight, then claimed complete ignorance when she finally got the memo the entire world had already digested? I say they should both go to hell! And I’m sure Hillary, in her “bring down the prosperous” campaign, would totally agree!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 6, 2008

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