Vito, Vito, Vito: Fossella’s “Wild Night” Before His DWI Arrest


The Vito Fossella DWI scandal just keeps getting juicier and juicier. The Daily News reports the congressman and his buddy got kicked out of a Washington, D.C., bar hours before Fossella’s arrest. Waiters at the Logan Tavern tell the paper that both men were incapable of driving and that at one point, Fossella’s pal—known only as “Brian”—passed out in front of the men’s room.

This scoop comes hot on the heels of both tabs trying to figure out more about the mysterious “friend” who sprung Fossella from jail. She’s identified as Lt. Col. Laura Fay, a retired Air Force officer. (The News boasted an “exclusive picture” of her yesterday.) Both papers report that Fay and Fossella attended an Air Force-sponsored dinner back in 2003 that Fossella’s wife, Mary Pat, was absent from.

The juiciest bit from the tabloids today comes in the form of pure speculation and innuendo. Fay has a 3-year-old daughter and is a single mom. The Post quotes a “relative” of Fay’s who says the woman was “vague” about who fathered the child. Both papers then quote the response from Fossella’s PR flack about whether he is the father: “That is a demeaning and highly inappropriate question that does not deserve an answer.” The Post describes Susan Del Percio as a “high-priced public-relations crisis consultant,” the implication here being, “high-priced=could it be true?” The News describes her as someone who brought in for “damage control.”

News columnist Michael Daly writes an outraged column on how lucky Fossella is that he didn’t hurt anyone, comparing the incident to a car accident his daughter was in over the weekend. Daly admits that he himself has driven under the influence, but that he has since learned the error of his ways. He then argues that the congressman should be taking public transportation from now on.