Gay Pride in Fort Lauderdale Is Not an Oxymoron


photo from 2004 Stonewall Street Festival

Once the gays stopped going to South Beach, it became necessary for tropical-shirted homos to schlepp all the way to Fort Lauderdale for an occasional gathering of fruitcakes. So why not celebrate Gay Pride there? Can you bear to miss New York’s Pride parade with its gogo boys, faded dance stars, and showboating politicians, not to mention the moment of silence for AIDS (which my friend always talks through)? No, you can’t—but you weren’t going to go anyway. So head to Lauderdale, hon. It’s warm and festive and very inviting. In fact, they want you there so badly they’ve even sent me a press release BEGGING you to come. (So much for pride.)

Click below for the release.


First Ever Nighttime Pride Parade and Street Party in Wilton Manors
Highlight 9th Annual Fort Lauderdale Stonewall Street Festival

Join locals and gay travelers at the 9th Annual Fort Lauderdale Stonewall
Street Festival, a week-long Gay Pride celebration from June 16 to June 22
featuring lively events, grand performances and a vibrant new parade. Highlights
of the Pride festival include the first annual night parade and street party in
the popular ‘gayborhood’ of Wilton Manors, as well as the annual street
festival and exhibition.

The new night parade and street party are an exciting addition to the
already spectacular Pride celebration. The events on Saturday, June 21
start off with a special t-dance at Rosie’s Bar & Grill at 3 pm followed
by DJ Joe Bermudez mixing up tunes on Wilton Drive at 7 pm, as dusk
approaches. The parade kicks off at 8 pm with colorful floats, and the
participation of local businesses and GLBT organizations. Singing
sensation Tammy Wright will perform hit songs while revelers dance the
night away.

Greater Fort Lauderdale serves up a multitude of comfortable gay-owned
establishments. Wilton Manors, located just north of downtown Fort
Lauderdale and minutes from the beach, is a bustling hotspot for
residents and visitors offering several dining, nightlife and shopping
options including Georgie’s Alibi, Galanga Thai Kitchen & Sushi Bar and
New Moon. “We are thrilled that our Pride celebration continues to grow
each year,” said Richard Gray, proprietor of the Royal Palms Resort and
gay liaison to the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Greater Fort Lauderdale is more than a gay-friendly city; it has over
150 gay-owned, hospitality-related establishments including hotels,
bars, clubs and restaurants, as well as three gay and lesbian
publications. According to statistics, the American gay and lesbian
community drives an impressive $65 billion travel industry. Last year,
gay visitors contributed some $1.2 billion to Greater Fort Lauderdale’s