The Tabloid Vultures Circle Vito Fossella


A cynical person might wonder why the Vito Fossella DWI arrest and subsequent rumors of a potential love child aren’t making the front page of the tabloids. But despite the lack of page-one play, the papers are beginning to ask questions about why Fossella chose to contact retired Lt. Col. Laura Fay after the arrest.

The Daily News decides to play one of its photo games with Fossella. This on is “Did Vito wear his wedding ring today?” and shows the congressman at several public events with and without his band of gold. Yesterday he was sans ring when he arrived at his office. The News also reports on the Republican rumblings that it may be best for Fossella to not run for re-election, and that some officials have told donors to withhold their checks to Fossella.

The Post‘s scoop on Fossella is that his wife, Mary Pat, may leave him if the allegations that he fathered Fay’s 3-year-old daughter turn out to be true. This would also affect his re-election bid, as one GOP source told the Post, “When you espouse family values and you’re the one that falls, it’s a little harder to get up.”

Another subtle theme running throughout the coverage is Fossella’s Italian heritage. The News head is “VITO’S CAREER DYING ON THE VINE,” and the Post refers to GOP big Guy Molinari as “the godfather of the Staten Island GOP” and as a “longtime GOP boss.” Sounds vaguely Mafioso, yes?

And, of course, Andrea Peyser has to bust out with her commandments of what not to if pulled over for a DWI. Did she even read yesterday’s paper? Using the “stick a fork in him, he’s done” cliché a day after it was used as a headline about Hillary Clinton is uninspired at best.