Theater Tidbits. . . Harvey Fierstein, Gina Gershon, and More


I ran into the legendary Harvey Fierstein on the street in the theater district and told him I was looking for a place to eat. “Go to Ciro,” he recommended. “Ask for Massimo,” he added, smirking. “Give him a blow job and you’ll get dessert.”. . .

Instead, I ended up at a Drama Desk event where I met the woman who plays Miranda’s maid on Sex and the City. (She’s Lynn Cohen, according to a comenter below. Thanks for the info that google didn’t provide!) Cohen told me she’s preparing to do a stage revival of Uncle Vanya with Peter Dinklage. “He’s an old friend,” she related. “Eventually, all friends get together. There’s only 10 of us, you know…”

Meanwhile, my old friend Gina Gershon bravely includes Showgirls in her bio for Broadway’s Boeing Boeing. As well she should—she rocked as Crystal! And now, back to Massimo.

No, wait, before dessert, we have to deal with the entree that everyone sent back. It was Glory Days, which closed on opening night, and while no one’s rejoicing about it, it IS kind of fun to have an old-style flop, the kind they don’t have anymore now that shows are so expensive they’re carefully tested and marketed before they hit Broadway. What were they thinking with this one? It was written by and starred 20-somethings and was billed as young-young-younger-than-springtime, but the script’s treatment of the “gay problem” was so stale and cobwebby it might have been written by 90-year-olds. And NOW back to Massimo.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 8, 2008

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