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Keg Party for Washington Square


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July 30, 1958, Vol. III, No. 40

Keg Party for Square

Beer drinkers and all those who would like Washington Square to be a park rather than a parkway are invited to a “keg party” tonight (Wednesday) at the home of Mrs. Mary Perot Nichols. An admission charge of $2 will entitle you to as much free beer as you are capable of downing.

The address is 48 Carmine Street, second floor (near Sixth Avenue and Bleecker Street); the sponsors are the Joint Emergency Committee to Close Washington Square to Traffic.

To Readers

In deference to the dog days of summer, the editors of The Village Voice have decided, one and all, to take vacations. That is the reason we must beg your indulgence for an occasionally depleted newspaper. It will all be over shortly, when everything will be back to better than normal.

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