News of the Obvious: Fast Cars and Crazy Stars


Since it’s Friday, we need some lighter fare to dish about around the ol’ water cooler. First up is the Daily News‘ truly shocking bombshell: dudes like fast cars. Citing a report from Forbes magazine, the paper says that a list of “cars driven almost exclusively by men is peppered with models endowed with spreed, brawn and flash.” Citing macho men such as Jay-Z and David Beckham, who drive a Maybach and a Lamborghini, respectively, the article notes that fast, expensive cars bestow status. The person I’m curious to meet, however, is the one woman who is driving a Maybach sedan. According to the piece, 19 out of 20 people driving the $335,000 set of wheels are men. Did Jay-Z buy one for bride Beyonce?

The Post continues its dogged pursuit of Lindsay Lohan and her allegedly sticky fingers. Today run quotes from an Inside Edition interview with model Lauren Hastings, who says that Lohan swiped stuff from her closet when Hastings was out of town. As the Post puts it, “KLEPTO LINDSAY TOOK MY CLOTHES.” Hasting says the reason she didn’t press charges was because authorities said the evidence was too shaky: no one saw Lohan pilfering the outfits, and it was further complicated by Hastings telling the Mean Girls star she could have certain pieces.

Finally, both papers cover Foxy Brown’s plea agreement over the incident where the rapper hurled a Blackberry at her neighbor during an argument. Brown won’t have to do any more time for the incident after prosecutors allowed her to use the eight months she served for a probation violation to be the sentence for the phone toss. Brown also had to issue an apology to her victim, Arlene Raymond, which “sincerely” read:

“To whom it may concern…I apologize for the incident on 7/31/07 in that I attempted to scare Arlene Raymond and place her in harm’s way.”

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 9, 2008


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