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Dear Voice, ‘You Are So Damned Phony’


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August 6, 1958, Vol. III, No. 41

Still Hope

Dear Sirs:

I drift away from the Voice because at times you are so damned phony I can’t stomach it. And then one day I’ll pick it up and read something like “Waiting for God” [by Bernard E. Scott, Voice, July 23] and I figure there is still hope!

Why don’t you buy The Catholic Worker once in a while and find out there’s a hell of a lot of things in this world beside blase idioms, booze, jazz, saloons, chino pants, and Fire Island?–Delia Beveridge, East 10th Street

Crazy, Mixed-Up Politics for the Square

A quarry of candidates showed up at Mr. Mary Nichols’ home on carmine Street to raise beer glasses in honor of Washington Square. The party raised, beside the amber liquid, several hundred dollars for the treasury of the Joint Emergency Committee to Close the Square to Traffic. Among more than 100 guests at the public party were Tony Akers, the Democrat who would like to represent the 17th Congressional in Washington, and John Lindsay, who will be Akers’ opponent if he wins the August 12 primary. Bill Passannante met face to face his opposite number on the GOP line, ‘Mike’ Seymour. The latter will try to take Passannante’s seat in the State Assembly. Austin De Mello brilliantly reinforced the ardor of the guests for closing the Square with a number of Flamenco guitar pieces.

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