In their novelty-drunk neck of the woods (Brooklyn), Blood on the Wall get points just for acknowledging a bunch of good ideas that other people had first: layered, gauzy, shimmering production; jokes about drugs; and mewling male/female vocals—by a brother and sister, no less. Their Liferz—the title perhaps a nod to an obvious lifelong immersion in the music they play—is one of the year’s most sublime, equal parts cascading melodies, nausea, and romance. Touchstones—Sonic Youth, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine—abound. But the band’s trick is to flip their awe into art: music about loving music, from a band that’s atypically easy to like. With Cause Co-Motion, Lights, and Abigail Warchild.

Sat., May 17, 8:30 p.m., 2008