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Tony Nominations Update: Who Got Dissed Big-Time


I’ve now had a few hours to get myself off the floor and re-review the Tony nominations announced this morning and realize that, seeing as I got 44 out of 56 right, they MUST be pretty spot-on. It’s a respectable, inclusive batch of nominees—yay for August: Osage County, Gypsy, In The Heights, and Mary McCormack—though, of course, the seething omissions are what I always love to dwell on. Somehow there was no Kevin Kline, who always opens too early in the season to be remembered for his textured brilliance. Nothing for the black Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which was an interesting mess, but without one outstanding factor for nominators to seize on. Not much love for the divinely challenging Top Girls, which was a love/leave proposition. Utter hatred for Young Frankenstein, which only got three nominations thanks to a backlash against Mel’s $450 ego. (Even its original songs lost out to the ones for The Little Mermaid). Cold contempt for A Catered Affair, which was squeezed out in Best Musical by the much livelier Cry-Baby. (By the way, hooray for Cry-Baby. The show was unfairly compared to Hairspray, though it’s a funfest all its own.) And nothing for the ineligible flop Glory Days—or as drag stars Mimi Imfurst and Eve Starr call it, Glory DAY.

Kudos to the Tony comittee for not automatically going for any big name who would beef up the public interest in the telecast. They resolutely didn’t nominate Morgan Freeman, Terrence Howard, Frances McDormand, James Earl Jones, Laura Linney, or Megan Mullally. As a result, the Tony show may have toilety ratings, but it’ll have integrity, and that’s the main thing you need in the the-ah-ter (in addition to hard candies without wrappers that make a lot of noise)!

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