Wednesday |5.21




Zach Galifianakis tests your indie-rock IQ

If the indie-rock blogosphere has done anything, it’s created a nation of young people chomping at the bit to demonstrate their mastery over the arcana of the form. Thing about blogs, though: You never know who’s reading them. Tonight, you can flex your head (that’s the title of a Dischord comp from 1982) with a real live audience; Indie Rock Trivia is to be played in teams, and “superfantabulous” prizes are promised ($500 to the winners). Indie-comedy guy Zach Galifianakis (who was in a Kanye West video with Will Oldham) hosts, while Les Savy Fav (whose first album came packaged with three shower caps) provide the musical entertainment. One more factoid: This is part of New York magazine’s “New York by New York” series, which means that the price of admission also earns you a subscription. Are we allowed to say that in the Voice? [Why not? We’re all in this print apocalypse together.—Ed.] At 8, Highline Ballroom, 431 West 16th Street, 212-414-5994, $25




Ed Park pokes fun at the modern workplace

Ever find yourself kicking the Xerox machine at work? Feeling overly resentful that someone keeps stealing your pens? Perhaps it’s time to take a coffee break with the wonderfully witty Ed Park at this reading and discussion for his debut novel, Personal Days, which concerns a clique of office employees overcome by fear when the company starts firing their co-workers. Park, a co-founder of The Believer and former books editor of the Voice, will be on hand to sign copies—and if you’ve just been fired yourself, maybe he’ll even give you a hug. At 7, McNally Robinson, 52 Prince Street, 212-274-1160, free




John Oliver’s out of his cage again

According to award-winning Daily Show correspondent John Oliver’s résumé, his hit BBC radio program with Andy Zaltzman, Political Animal, entertains Brits with satirical stand-up and sketches that, in the past, have included “firing themselves out of a water canon at a crowd of protestors, contracting bird flu, and getting into a gunfight with the Queen.” OK, so maybe the bird-flu thing isn’t true, but the rest sure is. Be a part of the comedic mayhem tonight when Oliver records a new episode of Political Animal for British radio at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Oliver promises many special guests weighing in on American politics. Perhaps this time out, he’ll get into a gunfight with Cheney. At 7, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, 307 West 26th Street, $10