Sue Simmons, The ‘F-Bomb’ and the ‘Sauce’


WNBC anchor Sue Simmons has been the object of ridicule this week for shouting of “What the fuck are you doing?” during a live promo for Channel 4’s 11 pm newscast on Monday night. The Post has decided to gun for “Silly Sue” with a story about the anchor’s “liquid dinners between broadcasts.” The front-page headline reads, “Boozy Suzy: Revealing the ‘sauces’ of foul-mouthed anchor.” This must be an attempt to use “sauces” as a pun for “sources,” but, like Sue Simmons herself did last year, it falls flat.

The accompanying article is full of innuendo and anonymous sources talking about Simmons’ proclivities for “liking the sauce.” An employee of Gallagher’s, a restaurant in midtown notes that Simmons would come in between the 5 pm and 11 pm newscast:

“I wouldn’t say she gets sloshed — sloshed, that wouldn’t be the right word…I would say she gets happy. She gets very happy.”

Now that we have a mental picture of Simmons hitting Gallagher’s while humming the theme to The Partridge Family (“C’mon, get happy,” indeed!), let’s see what some of her co-workers have to say about her “liquid dinners.” The Post reports:

“‘Sue Simmons likes the sauce and can be cranky about it,’ a former WNBC employee told The Post. ‘She was sometimes a little tipsy [on the air] to the point where colleagues would take notice.'”

Simmons refused to comment on the story, and a rep for WNBC would not talk the Post about the station’s alcohol policy.

To make this story complete, the tabloid includes Simmons’ “greatest hits,” which include when she fell of a chair during a newscast, her impression of a groundhog and the apology for dropping the F-bomb the other night. This is the sensational reason that tabloids exist.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 14, 2008


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