The DeathSet Opens for Bonde do Role this Week


The DeathSet also play tomorrow at 3pm, May, 15 2008 at “ONLY ALL AGES $5 NY SHOW LIMITED 60 KIDS 3pm sharp!” with Ninja Sonik, 1087 Broadway (Next to Goodbye Blue Monday), Brooklyn, New York.

photo by Nate Dorr, lovingly borrowed from our bros at Impose

Being 5’6″ gets Jonny Siera into tight spots. In Little Rock last March, it got him between an amp and a keyboard case, after he tumbled mid-set from a perch he’d scaled by means of an exposed water pipe. “It’s all cool. No breaks.” Scrapes are nothing new for Death Set shows, which for Siera amount to “lots of bruises but mostly sweaty smiles.”

The Baltimore band is returning to New York this week to open for the recently overhauled Bonde do Role. It’s hard to imagine a better party band to tour with the Brazilian waxers than the latest incarnation of this three-year running electro-punk project.

It’s certainly the biggest lineup Jonny Siera’s ever dragged around with him. The Death Set used to imply a sample-addled two-man punk-rock tagteam backed by a drum machine. It was sort of an evil Best Fwends (who also now perform with real instruments), or a pop-punk Suicide, so much that it made perfect sense that The Death Set opened for that classic ’70s synth duo at one of last summer’s South Street Seaport shows. But soon after, sole other member Matt Papich left the band to concentrate fully on Ecstatic Sunshine (who in turn lost one of its founding members, Dustin Wong to Ponytail—yet another Baltimore band).

The Death Set’s recent album, Worldwide, out now on Counter Records/Ninja Tune is actually more reminiscent of these earlier experiments than the current live setup, which, with a two-guitar, two full drum set setup, lends an extra layer of noise as well as a healthy decibel-cranking to the increasingly crowded mix. This party is packed, and if Ninja Tune has anything to say about it, the line to get in is simply going to get longer.

Prediction: this sort of electro-punk shit will blow up in England as the next big thing. Think nu-rave, but lose the neon and skinny up the jeans. To all those who dusted off the parachute pants, save them for jumping out of planes.

The DeathSet play tonight at Europa, tomorrow at the Bowery, plus tomorrow’s 3pm show on Broadway.

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