Guess Who’s Back: The Return of “Kristen” and the Spitzer Scandal


The Post brings us way back to March with their photo exclusive of the infamous Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the woman who brought down Gov. Eliot Spitzer. It’s the first new picture of The Hooker Formerly Known As “Kristen” and coincides with the news that “hooker booker” Temeka Lewis cut a plea deal that may reveal all about the Emperors Club VIP clients. Lewis’s testimony could lead to money-laundering charges for Spitzer.

But let’s talk about Kristen/Ashley. The photos in the Post show her decked out in black, with a Fendi belt (worth $632) and a Louis Vuitton wallet ($495). Didn’t the Post learn that it’s tacky to talk prices? Oh wait, we’re talking about a high-priced call girl in the throng of a government sex scandal. OK, carry on…

The description of how Post photogs found Dupre is pretty hilarious, with its creative use of adjectives to describe her journey from her family home in Wall, N.J., to midtown (bolding mine):

“Having ditched her pricey Flatiron apartment and apparently now living with her mom and stepdad in their Victorian home in Wall, NJ, Dupre drove a subcompact car to the nearby neighborhood of Lincroft. There, she hopped a decidedly inglorious 9 a.m. bus for an hour-long ride to Manhattan’s seedy Port Authority Bus Terminal.”

How the mighty have fallen! The new news in the case also give the paper the opportunity to trot out two of the covers from the days of the scandal: the “HO NO!” front page with Eliot and Silda Spitzer and the controversial “BAD GIRL” topless shot of Dupre.

Today’s front page of the Post makes you think nothing’s really happened in the last two months. It also makes you forget that this scandal is old news and we’ve moved on to Vito Fossella and his “second family.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 15, 2008

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