Oh, College: The NYU Yankee Stadium “Streaker”


There’s always that one guy. You know: the “life of the party” guy who always has a crazy scheme? Well, at NYU’s graduation yesterday, That Guy was William Lopez, a newly-minted BFA who decided to drop trou and run the bases at Yankee Stadium after the school’s graduation ceremony. But now, Lopez is going to learn a lesson they don’t teach you in college, but probably should: what happens when you do something stupid and the media pick up on it.

It seems like a lighthearted, “fun” story, but the Daily News takes it a step further, publishing photos of Lopez from “his Web page,” which one assumes is either a MySpace or Facebook profile. We get to see Lopez performing with his band and a photo of him sitting on a bed, bottle of booze in his hand, next to a stuffed dinosaur. Something tells me that Gawker is going to have a field day with this guy and his sense of entitlement. Despite warnings from NYU brass that no one under any circumstances should run on the field, Lopez thinks he’s the exception:

“A lot of people came up to me outside the Stadium, parents even, saying it was their favorite part of the day…It was an honor to run on that field.”

Let’s contrast this with what NYU spokesman John Beckman told the Post:

“[T]he Yankees were very gracious hosts and we were grateful to be allowed to be there, and it is always disappointing to us when one member of our community thinks there’s a special set of rules for him or her.”

Yeah, Lopez would have totally That Guy jumping in the fountain after graduation had the ceremony been held in its usual venue of Washington Square Park.

(Full disclosure: I am an NYU alum and teach there. I did not jump in the fountain at graduation.)

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 15, 2008

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