Worst Press Release of the Year! Discuss!


This has to be the ickiest missive I’ve gotten through the email since that offer to go to Zimbabwe to make a life-changing money transaction. It’s a plug for a tattoo magazine that is needling us to believe that tattooed people absolutely adore Hillary. I’m not debating that, it’s just that (a) the reasoning given for it is rather vague; (2) the language used is also confusing and diffuse; and (3) I don’t think tattooed people get together and think en masse, “Let’s be for Hillary!” But what do I know? I don’t even have a genital piercing! But I DO know that this fucking press release will NOT be tattoed on my butt anytime soon. To wit:


There are some 4,000,000 people with tattoos in the U.S. and a vast majority are for Sen. Hillary R. Clinton for President, according to Casey Exton, publisher of Tattoo Review. “They are for Hillary partly because husband Bill Clinton is a big favorite of theirs. Also, that Hillary tells it like it is and doesn’t confuse effort with achievement,” Casey explains.

Exton, who’s for Hillary, pays tribute to her in current issue as a result of a unique challenge. While having a booth at a tattoo convention in Baltimore, a tattoo artist who uses name, Buffalo Bill of Sunbury, PA, at the suggestion of his daughter, Sarah Taby, offered to do free tattoo of Hillary on anyone who brought him her photo. Luis Salgado rushed to hotel computer, got a photo of Hillary and had the picture tattooed on him. The artist’s daughter, a 29-year-old mental health therapist of Carlisle, PA, has been a
volunteer Clinton supporter since the beginning of presidential campaign and thought the unique tattoo would gain her good exposure. Sarah is confident, despite North Carolina, that Hillary will win the nomination.”

I’m sure Sarah’s support (and tattoo idea) is all Hillary needs to get her white, unsculpted ass into the White House!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 15, 2008

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