We Just Had Sex (At the Obies!)


9:09 pm The extraordinary cast of Passing Strange takes the stage. Says Stew: “You don’t know how great it is to be drunk and below 14th Street.” Everyone cheers. The cast rocks out to “We Just Had Sex” and others songs from Passing Strange. Stew has run up the aisle to the bar. He’s going crazy. He’s accidentally kicked a woman’s handbag. He’s back on stage. He’s rolling on the ground now! All we can say is: Wow. The cast has left the stage, but the crowd is still cheering. Everyone loves Stew!

9:05 pm Bill Camp presents Veanne Cox with an Obie for Sustained Excellence of Performance. Veanne appears overwhelmed, teary-eyed and fanning herself. “I’d like to thank the committee…. I need a playwright… I need a playwright…..I don’t have words. I’m not good with words…. It would be funny if you were in my living room but…”

9:02 pm Sean McNall has won an Obie for Sustained Excellence of Performance with the Pearl Theatre Company

8:59 pm Jane Greenwood grabs an Obie for Sustained Excellence of Costume Design

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 19, 2008


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