Fiction Meets Reality: Sex Scandal Updates on Vito Fossella and Eliot Spitzer


Despite yesterday’s statements of hometown GOP support in the Post, the Daily News splashes on its front page that Staten Island Congressman Vito Fossella will not seek re-election. (The Post covered the story as well, but back on page 7, conveniently located next to news that the woman who lost her mink coat to Lindsay Lohan is suing the starlet for the “unauthorized rental.”)

The News gives the story a complete play-by-play, including a timeline of the scandal from Fossella’s drunk-driving arrest on April 30 to his statement yesterday that he will not seek re-election. The congressman will finish out his current term amidst the scandal that he fathered a love child. Here’s Fossella’s statement, as it appears in the News (It was first posted on the website of the Staten Island Advance:

“After a great deal of consideration, I have made the decision not to seek reelection to the United States House of Representatives this November,” Fossella says in the statement addressed to “the constituents of the 13th Congressional District.”

“This choice was an extremely difficult one, balanced between my dedication to service to our great nation and the need to concentrate on healing the wounds that I have caused to my wife and family.”

Also included in the Daily News package on Fossella is an analysis piece about what his dropping out of the race means for each party. Elizabeth Benjamin and Kenneth R. Bazinet say it could cause a “seismic shift” if the Democrats win Fossella’s seat. There’s a possibility that Democrats could control just about every statewide elected office in the city by 2009.

Meanwhile, Eliot Spitzer gets the Law & Order treatment tomorrow night during the original recipe version’s season finale. The “Excaliber Exclusives” call-girl service is involved in a money-laundering scheme that eventually implicates the governor. Sound familiar? Yeah, you already know the plot if you’ve read the tabs, but that doesn’t stop the Post and Daily News from giving away half the story in their write-ups. (A familiar complaint, I realize.)

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 20, 2008


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