SUNDAY | 5.25


Strange Love

At Oedipus’s house, mixed grill and incest are on the menu

Even thousands of years after it was written, Sophocles’ Oedipus the King is still the ultimate tale of family dysfunction (in case you forgot, he murders his father and marries his mother. Ew). In the new punk-rock multimedia piece Oedipus Loves You, the Dublin-based Pan Pan Theatre updates the classic for modern times, moving all the sexual tension and intrigue to the suburbs, where Oedipus is a dad who loves a good backyard barbecue and the blind sage Tiresias is a Freudian analyst and ex–glam rocker (which we presume explains why he opens the show wearing nothing but high heels). Expect plenty of loud thrash-metal and wicked Irish humor.

At 8, through June 1, P.S.122, 150 First Avenue, 212-352-3101, $10–$20 ANGELA ASHMAN

Walls of Sound

Berlin’s Sascha Ring does dream pop right

Co-founding the Shitkatapult imprint (along with fellow producer T. Raumschmiere) back in 1999, producer Sascha Ring himself burst onto the European techno scene that year in his own right, dropping his IDM-indebted debut Multifunktionsebene under the handle Apparat. That particular section of the record store ballooned soon after, as the prolific Ring dropped forward-looking full-lengths on an annual basis (see Tttrial and Eror or the evocative Duplex), culminating in his 2007 breakout, Walls, which heaped strings, cinematic filigrees, and strains of the human voice atop his beats. Touring in support of a new two-disc set of remixes, Things to Be Frickled, Ring both gives and receives in kind from folks like Swayzak and Telefon Tel Aviv, and tracks both twitchy and sumptuous will no doubt figure into his set tonight.

At 9, the Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard Street, $10–$12 ANDY BETA

Ditch Your Car

Riding a bicycle in this city is no easy feat: You’ve got cabs inches away, car doors swinging open, and road surfaces that will shake loose a filling. We can’t do much about the potholes, but at least, for 18 fun miles, the traffic has been taken care of. Enjoy your Memorial Day by riding the 4th Annual Tour de Brooklyn. The course (which changes every year to explore different parts of Brooklyn) will pass through Brooklyn’s waterfronts, the Atlantic Yards, and Eastern Parkway, make a short stop at Maria Hernandez Park, then swing through East Williamsburg and the Navy Yards before ending at Walt Whitman Park. Don’t forget to bring your helmet. At 8 a.m., Water Street and New Dock Street, Brooklyn, free ARACELI CRUZ