From the people who brought the colossal 2006 street production of The Sultan’s Elephant in London—which drew more than a million spectators—comes a mysteriously exciting event: The Telectroscope. The stunt comes with a creative backstory: a hitherto unknown, never-finished 18th-century transatlantic tunnel, which is only now being completed by trickster artist Paul St. George. Once the “tunnel” is opened, New Yorkers will be able to watch Londoners in real time, 24/7, via a 40-foot Telectroscope, until June 15. As in the case of the Elephant, the event starts with a prelude: in this case, a giant drill bit rising from the ground near the Brooklyn Bridge on the morning of May 20 (another will appear the same day near the Tower Bridge out of the Thames).

Thu., May 22, 2008