Documentary Alert: Bi Bi My Darling!


I may have mentioned this before, but I’m in a movie about bisexuality! (I guess those who can’t, teach.) In the film, I say that there are some people out there who are truly, sincerely bi, but all those closet gays pathetically claiming they go both ways absolutely ruin it for them. I might have to forgive them since I can remember a time–back in college, actually–when EVERYONE who later turned out to be a raging queen was insisting they were bi. Well, YOU, my dears, should go just one way—straight to the theater on June 6 when the movie, Bi The Way, plays NewFest. Here’s what you and your date (whether male or female) have in store if you buy tickets and some bisexual popcorn.

Newfest presents…

a documentary on bisexuality and the whatever generation

Featuring Dan Savage (sex columnist), Michael Musto (Village Voice), Jonathan Caouette
(Tarnation) and 100 other people from across the US and across the sexual spectrum.

FRIDAY, JUNE 6th at 5:45 pm in the NEWFEST Film Festival
Loews 34th St Theater (at 8th Ave), New York City

A “Bi The Way” party will follow the screening, location TBA
8 pm – 10 pm
Official Newfest Party from 10 pm – 4 am

For more information, visit: www.bithewaymovie.com
or www.newfest.org or e-mail bythewayproductions@gmail.com

The iron curtain between gay and straight is crumbling. The Bible belt is being
unbuckled. Recent studies suggest that bisexuality is drastically more
widespread than we ever thought, and for young people, dating a girl one week
and a guy the next is no big deal. Journeying through the changing sexual
landscape of America, the directors of BI THE WAY investigate the latest
scientific reports and social opinions on bisexuality, while following five
members of the emerging “whatever generation”- teens and twenty-somethings
who seem to be ushering in a whole new sexual revolution.

Directed by Brittany Blockman and Josephine Decker; Produced by Martha Shane;
Executive Produced by former California Congressman Michael Huffington and by Frank Sica

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 21, 2008

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