Mo’ Better Mo-ing!: ‘The Daddy Diaries 2’ Are Here


Last week, I disgraced myself by using the column to publish intimate details of my lurid sex life and elegantly calling it “The Daddy Diaries: Hot Sex in the Golden Years.” Now that the furor has died down a bit and I’m almost ready to go out in public again, I’ve crazily decided to run part two of this sordid saga, mainly because last week’s entry teasingly ended with “to be continued.” To keep my word, I’ve written “Daddy Diaries II: More Whoring in Pampers” and it’s undoubtedly the most harrowing sequel since Saw II. I want you to read it—to learn, to shriek, to admonish, and to send me flowers and condoms. This time, it’s personal! This time, you’ll read about a hustler, a barebacker, and a slut! And they’re three different people! Enjoy—and please don’t judge. If I can throw all judgement to the wind, then so can you, honey.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 21, 2008

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