Boy Soldiers


Unlike the White Stripes, who have been refining their blues-punk blasts for the past six or seven years, the Raconteurs (with frontmen Jack White and Brendan Benson and the rhythm section from the Greenhornes) are getting wilier and more chaotic the more they play together: Their recently released sophomore disc, Consolers of the Lonely, is a much more eclectic, haphazard affair than the band’s 2006 debut, a creative progression reflected in their decision to rush-release the album into stores in March, only about a month after it was recorded. Don’t like what you hear? Wait a few minutes. The Black Lips, from Atlanta, make a big show of embracing chaos, especially onstage, where they’ve been known to incite violence and spew bodily fluids upon (presumably unwilling) audience members. The band’s music, though, is an exceedingly crafty blend of garage-punk throttle and soul-rock shake.

Fri., May 30, 7 p.m., 2008