Doris Day Headed to a Jersey Lounge: Que Sera Sera


I treasure all the old divas—i.e., I’m a tired queen—and seem to have attracted to this blog some other like-minded people with an astute sense of history. (Shout out to Tallulah, E.J., Gwen, Mitzi, Norma, and the rest of you diehard icon appreciators!) And I’m sure we can all agree that towards the top of the diva bunch is Doris Day, America’s sweetheart who brought a perky charm, crisp vocals, and pert nipples to everything she did, even if she carried screen virginity well into middle age. And you gotta love her for turning down The Graduate to instead do a dated mod stinkbomb called Caprice. (Doris didn’t want to tamper with that virginal image, not caring to break her mold–or chastity belt.) Gaffes and all, Dodo deserves a special Oscar already (insanely, she wasn’t even nominated for Love Me or Leave Me), and I hear they won’t even think of giving it to her because she wouldn’t show up! So instead, she’ll have to be honored with a show in a lounge in Asbury Park, New Jersey! Though I’m pretty sure she’s not gonna show up there either! It’s called Daydreaming: Channeling Doris Day and it’ll hit Mattison Park Martini Lounge and Restaurant at 649 Mattison Avenue in Asbury Park on Sunday June 1st at 5 PM. (

The show is about a businesswoman who in her midlife crisis channels Doris, prompting a “rollicking musical journey” of the great star’s songs. But all you really need to know about this outer-county happening is that June 1st happens to be Jersey Gay Pride Day. So Doris’s day is OUR day! Take THAT, Judy Garland.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on May 27, 2008

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