MUSIC ARCHIVES’s Thorough, and Thoroughly Alarming, R. Kelly Trial Coverage


Those looking for calm, rational insight into the deeply bizarre and profoundly uncomfortable R. Kelly trial (details provided by David Chappelle above) are advised to consult Josh Levin’s excellent dispatches for, in which he discusses “the Shaggy Defense” (not Scooby’s friend—the other one) and a heated witness-stand argument about the bitchin’ FX in the the Wayan Brothers film Little Man. “If there’s a life lesson to be taken from the R. Kelly trial,” his last entry begins, “it’s that when you’re trying to help your niece launch a music career, perhaps it’s best to widen the search for mentors beyond the man who sings ‘It Seems Like You’re Ready’ and ‘I Like the Crotch on You.'” This is required reading, though it may get you fired.