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Movement gets far out

For folks who aren’t sure they like dance, there’s MOMIX, a troupe so jaw-droppingly stunning and easy to appreciate that they were used in a Hanes underwear commercial. The company’s famed choreographer and founder, Moses Pendleton, has once again produced a couple of trippy performances. If you didn’t catch the first two weeks of his first show, Passion, you must see his second and final program, Lunar Sea, a surrealistic piece of playful transformation set to black lighting: You’ll witness a troupe of dancers form mermaids, spiders, and crabs in this celestial under-the-sea setting. At 2 & 7:30, Joyce Theater, 175 Eighth Avenue, 212-242-0800,, $25 on Sunday evenings only EUDIE PAK


Breaking Ground

A film series celebrates Israeli directors

In honor of the 60th anniversary of the founding of Israel, the Film Society of Lincoln Center presents Israel @ 60, a fascinating program to showcase some of the most provocative Israeli filmmakers, whose work aims to shed light on the country’s complex issues. Highlights include Close to Home, about two young women assigned to Israeli border patrol (showing today and June 3); Ushpizin, the acclaimed 2004 film about a couple struggling with their decision to embrace religious orthodoxy (showing today and June 3 and 4); and Or (My Treasure), the award-winning feature about an aging Tel Aviv prostitute and her 18-year-old daughter (showing June 2 and 4). Through June 5, Walter Reade Theater, 70 Lincoln Center Plaza, 212-875-5601, $7–$11 ANGELA ASHMAN



Time for Summer Jam

This year’s lineup suggests that Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2008 won’t be the clearinghouse for hip-hop-related drama that it sometimes has been, but the date remains fixed on the calendar of rappers all across the country, especially those around town. For every billed act, expect one or two (or, in the case of Diddy’s headlining set last year, six) semi-surprise guests—Jay-Z, as always, being the biggest question mark. Kanye, coming off a tour in which he diligently acted out an interstellar travelogue (his character? “The biggest star in the universe”), will merely be looking to have a good time; it’ll be the turn of his former road partner, Rihanna, to suggest that she’s kind of a big deal. Alicia Keys knows she already is one—hence her spot at the top of this year’s card. Summer Jam veterans D-Block and Lil’ Wayne just want to have fun and rap well, two things that Public Enemy aren’t always capable of these days. Hyphen guys The-Dream and T-Pain will be useful to have around for everybody else’s choruses. To everything, I guess, a season. At 6:30, Giants Stadium, 50 Route 120, 201-935-3900, $40–$165 ZACH BARON