Not lost in translation

At last year’s inaugural TeatroStageFest— a festival showcasing New York’s Latino and international theater—a highlight was a Spanish-language production of Hamlet (with the Bard’s original English lines in a program for the monolingual). This year, the festival returns with fresh voices from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Spain. And besides theater productions (Narcissus, The Toothache of King Farfán, Lifeguard), TeatroStageFest offers musical performances (Bianca Marroquín from Broadway’s Chicago, Bobby Sanabria), a comedy series (Marga Gomez, Carmelita Tropicana) and artist panels (John Leguizamo, Graciela Daniele). All productions are accessible in English and Spanish. Through June 15, various locations and prices, ARACELI CRUZ



Lynda Barry emerges for a round of applause

Cartoonist and former

Voice contributor Lynda Barry asks many questions in her new book, What It Is, like “What is the past?” and “Where is a story before it becomes words?” In the scrapbook/journal/workbook, Barry answers these questions by recalling her troubled childhood, making it something like a prequel to her most popular work, Ernie Pook’s Comeek, the 30-year comic strip responsible for her cult following and several books, including The Good Times Are Killing Me (adapted into an Off-Broadway musical), Cruddy, and One! Hundred! Demons! Now living a semi-reclusive life on a farm in Wisconsin, Barry is being dragged back into the spotlight with the publication of the new book. So go see the creator of Marlys before she disappears again! At 7, Strand Bookstore, 828 Broadway, 212-473-1452, free ARACELI CRUZ


Mr. Clean

Björn Copeland serves up a shiny new show

We never thought spring cleaning could be fun till we heard about Björn Copeland‘s newest solo show, The Soft Serve. Influenced by Pop art and psychedelia, Copeland (co-founder of the experimental rock band Black Dice and a former Rhode Island School of Design student) uses liquid plastic to turn detergent bottles into bright, eye-catching sculptures, and a Home Depot shopping cart into a shiny pink work of art. There will also be plenty of Copeland’s signature tripped-out collages on display, which trick the eye with their mesmerizing kaleidoscopic patterns. Go stoned. From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., through June 7, Jack Hanley Gallery, 136 Watts Street, 646-918-6824, free ANGELA ASHMAN