Tabloid Divorce Court: The Murrays and the McGreeveys


Two bitter divorce battles play out today in the tabloids. One is the ongoing courtroom saga of former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey and his soon-to-be-ex-wife Dina Matos McGreevey. The other is the just-filed divorce petition of Jennifer Butler-Murray, wife of actor Bill Murray. Both are sensational and ridiculous.

Butler-Murray filed her complaint on May 12 in South Carolina. In it, she alleges that Murray “travels overseas, where he engages in public and private altercations and sexual liaisons.” Murray’s wife also accuses the Lost in Translation star of physical abuse and abusive behavior and is asking for sole custody of the couple’s four children. Both papers put the new of the divorce on the front page. The Post goes with a generic “Bill Murray’s sex & drugs scandal” headline while the Daily News uses “SLIMED! ‘Ghostbusters’ star’s wife slams him as sex addict, druggie” on its page one. The News continues the sensational coverage inside the print edition with a photo of the actor partying in Stockholm last year. The night ended with Murray’s arrest for drunkenly driving a golf cart down the street. The Post‘s coverage, like its headline, is slightly more subdued. The photo accompanying the story is of Murray and Butler-Murray on the red carpet for the Golden Globes. The inside headline is slightly punny: “‘Wild’ Bill slammed by wife.”

Further north in New Jersey, Dina Matos (she’s ditched the “McGreevey”) took the stand yesterday and lamented her loss of lavish lifestyle. She told the court that she no longer shops at Neiman Marcus and has to make do with T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. This “hardship” gets no sympathy from Daily News columnist Jo Piazza, who implores the former New Jersey first lady to “Give it up. Get a new job. Get a life.” The Post ribs Matos’ newly spartan lifestyle with the caption “No more chef” under a photo of her giving what appears to be a death stare. At the rate she’s going, Matos could amass quite the scrapbook of news photos of her rolling her eyes.