Bill Maher on Obama, Clinton and McCain


If you didn’t catch Bill Maher’s political diatribes at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center last Friday night, here are a few memorable lines:

On whichever of the three candidates—Obama, Clinton, McCain—becomes president:

“Either way, it’ll be a victory for the minority—either for blacks, women, or the undead.”

On Hillary’s refusal to step down in the primary race:

“She is just that birthday candle that just won’t blow out.”

On the two presumptive presidential contenders—Obama and McCain:

“Well, at least you’ll have a clear choice—bi-racial [or] bi-centennial. Hip hop [or] hip pops.”

On Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney’s scathing exchanges during the Republican primary debates:

“It’s like a Halloween costume talking to a mannequin.”