Broadway’s Most Sinewy Leading Man Wants To Spend Quality Time With Me, I Swear


If you stick around long enough, you get hot again for the first time, and I’m sizzling, baby. In the last few weeks alone, I’ve been quoted in Spin (in an oral history of the song “Y.M.C.A.”), interviewed in EW (about Sex and the City), pictured in New York magazine (in a photo montage about Florent restaurant), discussed in Interview by a former Warhol star, profiled in Cybersocket, quoted in the Observer, and presented by Genre as one of the country’s gays to be proudest of! My fingers ache from downloading all these ego-stimulating clippings! Over and over again! But my most exciting press of all came on one of them there Broadway boards, which just interviewed South Pacific‘s shirtless and talented Lieutenant Cable, Matthew Morrison about the New York he so loves.

Matt—who’s also legendary for playing Link in Hairspray and the Italian dude who falls for the daft girl in A Light in the Piazza—tells the interviewer that the one thing he hasn’t ever managed to achieve but would love to do is go bike riding with little old me! He thinks I happen to know all there is to know about this great city and said he’d love to ride all over town with me while picking my lil’ brain as if it were a clamshell. Well, gee, Matt, much as I’d love to fulfill your touching little fantasy, I’m so very busy—you know, giving out quotes about Village People songs and such—and I couldn’t possibly get together with you, seeing as my plate is so very full and…Kidding! SOOO Kidding! I am totally available, and in fact my foot is on the pedal right now and my cerebellum is just sitting there, ripe for the picking. I am all ready to get hooked up for Cable. Call me!!!!