Take My Column! Please!


You bitches have been enjoying the blog for free, but now it’s time to pay the piper and read the column for free too! This week it’s a zesty trolley tour through the anals—I mean the annals—of Broadway lore, culminating with an armpit stop at all sorts of awards ceremonies where Elphaba’s not the only creature wearing green. I’ve also got a public display by the divine Kathleen Turner, various passes made at the hot Cheyenne Jackson (see above photo) by Broadway queens, and an update on just who the stylishly sexual Marc Jacobs is dating these days (along with the other ones he’s dating). The current guy is more age appropriate—he’s 28—and he simply adores theater, so the column all totally comes together. But I’ll come APART if you don’t fucking click and give it a read.

Marc Jacobs’ Brazilian Bombshell Boyfriend!”