Cursive at the Mercury Lounge Tonight


Fresh off recording a new album just weeks before this concert, Omaha indie-rock mainstays Cursive are back to touring. The band’s work ethic keeps pace with its music: Frontman Tim Kasher’s lyrics have always reveled in self-flagellation on some level, even if 2006’s Happy Hollow was the group’s most relaxed album to date. But since Cursive toured last year opening for the likes of heavy metallers Mastodon and major-label punks Against Me!—and Kasher moved to L.A. to work on a screenplay—the band’s most impassioned work is likely still on the horizon. With the End of the World and Eons. — KORY GROW.

8 p.m. Mercury Lounge, 217 E Houston St., 212-260-4700. OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT, so try yr luck.