Death Becomes Them


So what if their stiffest competition was Jason Mraz and repackaged Frank Sinatra: Death Cab for Cutie’s debut atop the Billboard album chart a couple weeks back is the clearest sign yet that if you have to name an indie-rock band that any Oprah watcher will recognize, this long-running Seattle-based act is the one to go with. (Alternate choice: Fuck Buttons.) Death Cab’s accomplishment is no less impressive for having happened on the back of the band’s most unconventional record yet, Narrow Stairs, on which Ben Gibbard and crew stretch out their tender guitar jams to (relatively) epic lengths and roughen them up with (relatively) noisy live-band grit. Expect longer and louder tonight. Openers Rogue Wave, from Oakland, play folky, Shins-like guitar pop.

Tue., June 10, 7 p.m., 2008