Funk Master


Former techno head Jamie Lidell’s second neo-soul album, Jim, is ace spring-cleaning material; bushy-tailed dusters all but spring to attention as the album eases in with the friendly sound of birds chirping. What follows is a ’70s r&b playlist—Stevie, Curtis, and Marvin all play their part—that’s far more believable (and funky) than a dozen Winehouse clones. The tour for his soul breakthrough Multiply had Lidell standing on a stage alone, straddling the glitch parades of his past and his new smooth-crooner
style while hidden behind racks of synths and samplers. This time, Mr. Clean is getting a little dirtier, with an actual flesh-and-blood band honking along behind him. Next stop (in a perfect world): the Apollo.

Sun., June 8, 8 p.m., 2008