Goodnight Moon and Goodnight Bush


Not just for kids: a parody of the self-parody administration

Little, Brown (tip of the hat to Michelle Aielli)

Fight off your recession and read this requiem for a lightweight: Goodnight Bush, a parody to end all self-parody presidencies.

It’s almost time to say “good night” to George W. Bush, and Erich Origen and Gan Golan pronounce the laugh rites over the administration.

Bush’s favorite kiddie book in times of crisis may be The Pet Goat, but mine is now Origen and Golan’s Goodnight Bush, which sends the regime up to the moon in the same way that Ralph Kramden was always threatening to do to wife Alice.

This is a very funny book, even if it may induce nightmares instead of sweet dreams. Cute illustrations abound: a refinery plume, piggy war profiteers, a spilt glass of water with Katrina victims floating in it.

The text is warm and fuzzy — not as fuzzy as Bush’s brain but warmer than Cheney’s heart:

“Goodnight toy world
And the flight costume

Goodnight ballot box
Goodnight FOX”

See Dick run. See Dick run away. See Dick run away finally.

And see the book’s website here.

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