Hot, Hot Heat


Solar power! Clubbed Thumb gets the sunny season off to a weird and wonderful start with the 13th annual edition of their Summerworks, a festival of new plays. Be forewarned: This year’s plays—selected by Clubbed Thumb founders Meg MacCary and Maria Striar—are not the theatrical equivalent of beach reads. Ann Marie Healy’s Gentleman Caller (designed by recent Obie winner Peter Ksander) invites us to an unending war; Sally Oswald’s Vendetta Chrome takes revenge on Victorian girls’ schools and familial inheritance; while Sigird Gilmer’s Slavey shackles itself to a tale of an upwardly mobile couple and their very indentured servant. Brooke O’Harra, Alexis Poledouris, and Robert O’Hara, respectively, direct. Pack your parasols, eyeshades, and sunscreen—these plays ought to give off plenty of heat.

June 8-28, 2008

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