Northern State at Knitting Factory Tonight


Northern State: still rhymin’ and stealin’.

Last year’s Can I Keep This Pen? rode for hybrid cars and Democratic candidates while bragging about having a lemonade spritzer with Eliot Spitzer, which I imagine they’re not so proud of anymore. And though they put up a good rap front, there are about a thousand giveaways that Northern State haven’t listened to much hip-hop since License to Ill, and that’s a problem for those of us who may be hoping for something beyond a lime to a lemon, ya’ll. Tonight, find out how many different words there are in the English language that can be rhymed with “Obama.” With the Gay Blades and Peculiar Gentlemen. — ZACH BARON

7 p.m., $12-$14. Knitting Factory Main Space, 74 Leonard St., 212-219-3006.

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