Pringles Can Inventor’s Ashes Kept in His Beloved Tube, And Other Oddities


I’ll just say “you’re welcome” in advance for giving you something to talk about at your next barbecue as you get ready to chow down on some potato chips. Next time that situation arises, ask your fellow revelers, “Hey, did you know that the guy who invented the Pringles can had his cremated remains placed in one of his beloved inventions?”

The Daily News reports that Cincinnati chemist Fredric Baur made this one of his last requests, and his family complied when he passed away on May 4. Baur’s other inventions included types of frying oils and a freeze-dried ice cream. And what is the News‘ page-3 headline? “This will keep him fresh!”

The News also reports on a woman who survived a 10-story suicide plunge from the Brooklyn Bridge with nary a scratch. The woman jumped after 11 am yesterday, and several witnesses called 911. She was taken to Bellevue and was admitted for having water in her lungs. She identified herself as “Michelle,” but had no ID on her.

The case of the overenthusiastic spinner had a verdict yesterday. The jury acquitted Christopher Carter of attacking Stuart Sugarman for his load grunting during a spin class at the Equinox gym on East 85th Street. Jurors told the paper that Sugarman exaggerated too much in his testimony and that it wasn’t proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Carter caused Sugarman’s injuries. Sugarman plans to file a civil suit.

Courtney Love told a British newspaper that someone stole Kurt Cobain’s ashes from her house, the Post reports. The ashes were not in a Pringles can, but in a “pink, teddy bear-shaped bag.”