The Scoop on Red Hook Tacos


The Porkchop Express has a very informative interview today with Cesar Fuentes, director of the Red Hook Food Vendors Committee, and while we’re excited to hear that the vendors may be operating year round, it’s a little depressing that the scrappy tents will be replaced with generic vending trucks. ETA for tacos at the fields is mid-June, but the vendors are still wading through health department bureaucracy, so we’ll have to wait and see.

From Porkchop, some relevant data:

The Red Hook Soccer Field Food Tents will look very different: out with the tents, in with the city-mandated mobile food vending trucks.

The Red Hook Soccer Field Food Tents will taste the same: as of our interview, each of last year’s vendors is planning on returning.

The Red Hook Soccer Field Food Tents might expand their days and months of operation: the new permits are valid year-round.